Roan Fishery
Roan Fishery, South Yorkshire

Stocking Programme

Roan Fishery has had an extensive stocking programme.

With our original stocking levels matches and day ticket fishing was very slow and after our second stocking things didn’t improve drastically with mainly only the F1 carp being caught however after the third stocking introducing over 2200lb f1 Carp and 1000lb of Bream the lake has really took off with a match record of 188lb 8oz and we are regularly getting match results over the 80lb mark, we even getting results of over 60lb over the colder months with most anglers having a good catch.


These are fast growing “King Carp”. After the first year they will grow 1lb-4lb per year. The British Record of 64lb 5oz was established in 2004.

Initial Stocking
4-6’’ Carp (Mirror/common) - 3000
8-10’’ Carp (Mirror/Common/Ghost) - 120
5lb Carp (Mirror/Common/Ghost) - 20
8lb Carp (Mirror/Common) - 10
10lb to 15lb (Mirror/Common) - 10

To be introduced Winter 2012
8-10’’ Carp (Mirror/Common/Ghost) - 2000


Not to be confused with its larger namesake, the crucian carp is not directly related to common / mirror carp. Prefers ponds and lakes and is for its size a renowned fighter. The record stands at 4lb 8oz.caught in 2000.

Initial Stocking
8-10’’ Crucian Carp - 200
3lb (getting close to the record) - 20

Second Stocking 2009/10
4-6” Crucian Carp - 1500


A hybrid carp, common carp crossed with a crucian carp a hard fighting fish that feed all year round and don’t grow to big up to around 5lb.

Initial Stocking 2009/10
4-12”mix F1 Carp - 15000

Second stocking 2010/11
Mix up to 1lb F1 Carp - 2200lb


A hard fighting fish that prefers ponds, lakes and slow moving rivers. The British record of 15lb 3oz was established in 2001.

Initial Stocking
5lb Tench - 40
4-6’’ Tench - 300

Second Stocking 2009/10
4-6” Tench - 1500


Thrive in all waters except for fast flowing rivers. A shoal fish, it is possible to record very large catches of bream. The British record of 19lb 10oz was caught in 2005.

Initial Stocking
8-10’’ Bream - 100
4-6” Bream - 300
5lb Bream - 10

Second Stocking 2009/10
Mix up to 1lb Bream - 1000lb


Present British record of 8lb 14oz was caught in 2004.

Initial Stocking
8-10’’ Chub - 100


A popular summer fish, the rudd will often feed when others won’t. Is often caught on or just under the surface. The present British record 4lb 10oz caught in 2001.

Initial Stocking
4-6” Rudd - 300

Second Stocking 2010/11
4-6” Rudd - 1000


Probably the hardest fighting freshwater fish. The record is 21lb 2oz caught in 2005.

Initial Stocking
6-8” Barbel - 100

Second Stocking 2009/10
4-6” Barbel - 400


Possibly the anglers favourite fish. Equally at home in still or moving waters. The British record is 4lb 3oz caught in 1990.

Initial Stocking
6-8” Roach - 500

Second Stocking 2010/11
6-8” Roach - 1500